Our Story

Our Story

At the start of 2020, Doris Jones, a glamorous Wire Dachshund had her first litter of six puppies, one of whom was the mischievous Ernie. It was through Doris’s husband (as the Jones girls like to put it) that the Jones family were introduced to Julie, whose dog Faust is Ernie’s Grandfather. And so a wonderful collaboration began.

Our mutual passion for rural life, art, dogs and the desire for fine home furnishings has drawn us into this exciting adventure that is Dackelblu.



Hi. I have been illustrating for over 30 years. A lifelong love affair with the Countryside and all that barks, squeaks, flies and gallops has led me to specialise in drawing animals. Always based on careful observation and endeavouring to capture personality.

I have designed successfully for the ceramic industry. I am the artist behind the Country Pursuits Churchill China range, amongst others.

If you have visited Crufts in the past couple of years, you may have seen my illustrations on the Dachshund stands at Discover Dogs.

I share my cottage with a motley crew of mischievous canines and dog showing has long been a passion of mine.

I believe that sharing your life with animals and having a home full of beautiful things are not mutually exclusive.




In my previous life I worked in a commercial role within the food industry. I have always been creative and particularly enjoyed the new product development side of my job, successfully getting new products to market. Ten years ago I decided to pursue my creative streak and retrained with The Association of Master Upholsters and Soft Furnishers.  I have been doing upholstery and soft furnishings ever since, running my part time business around being a Mum.

Growing up on a farm in Cheshire, I love being outside and enjoying the beauty of the countryside. I have always been a dog lover and after much persuasion, my girls and I finally got our way with the arrival of Doris our first Standard Wirehaired Dachshund about 3 years ago, and now our puppy Ernie.